The DVS Arm Care System, a program designed by DVS for the overhead athlete, includes resistance bands, interchangeable wrist straps and handles, and specific exercises designed to target muscles in your back, shoulder, and arm. 

The exercises and protocols associated with the DVS Arm Care System stem from years of study, research, and testing.  They are founded upon the basic operating principles of the human neuromuscular system, general physics, and science-based concepts of muscle physiology.  This calculated approach, along with the awareness component that provides a player an understanding of what's actually going on at the most fundamental level (muscle), improves the likelihood of that player being able to maximize their potential in regards to both health and performance. 


Improve Tolerability. Improve Health. Improve Performance.



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Your "Arm"Y

Strengthen your 'ARM'Y by understanding the pieces involved and how they all work together to support your throwing arm.

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The Difference

Learn more about the Thrower's Isometrics and how they separate this program from the rest of the field.

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The Science

Dive a little deeper into the science and concepts behind the DVS Arm Care System and how it functions at the most basic layer.


Research Proven

Tested and proven to significantly reduce the severity of throwing-related injury risk factors.