The DVS Forecaster is a web-based injury prediction software that can be licensed to help MLB Organizations better assess the short and long-term value of a baseball pitcher. The throwing-related injury predictions produced by the DVS Forecaster are based on a statistical algorithm calibrated from a large historical data-set of over 1200 professional pitchers.  The statistical predictions made by the DVS Forecaster are based on the DVS Model, which accounts for a pitcher’s role, injury history, DVS Score (pitching mechanics), date of birth, and number of career innings.  Individual statistical predictions will change over time as a pitcher accumulates more innings or when something in their data profile changes, such as their injury history, pitching mechanics, or role.

Every pitcher has a "true value" based on how much of their contract obligation they can fulfill.  Unfortunately, due to the high frequency of throwing-related injuries, a pitcher's monetary value based on the parameters of their contract, and their "true value," are often at odds.  This gap leads to millions of dollars lost by MLB organizations annually, not to mention the win/loss, playoff, and World Series implications that result from teams being shorted on their primary investments.  On the contrary, what if there was a way to close this "value gap,” thus minimizing the window of error when assessing the value of either a current or future pitcher? Understanding the likelihood of injury can become a competitive advantage to any MLB Team and it all can be done within the DVS Forecaster.

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The DVS Forecaster is your tool to assess which pitchers in your own organization, or other organizations, will pay dividends and maximize the true value of their contract.

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Validity & Prediction Power

The DVS Forecaster must be able to make accurate predictions and forecast the likelihood of throwing-related injuries in order to have value to MLB Organizations. Learn more about the validity and prediction power of the DVS Forecaster.

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