The DVS Forecaster has an easy-to-use dashboard interface where projections are available for the pitcher selected.  The scope of the pitchers available is determined by the licensing option which is chosen.  Security is handled by built-in user-authentication.  

DVS Forecaster Dashboard

DVS Forecaster Dashboard



Detailed major throwing-related injury projections are available for individual pitchers in Single Player Analytics.  These probabilistic projections are useful in determining the future true value of an individual pitcher when the concern is protecting a current asset or deciding to acquire a new asset.  

Prob at Each Future Inning.png

Probability at Future Inning

This plot describes the probability of major throwing-related injury at each future inning. This is useful in visualizing when a given pitcher is most likely to experience a major injury.

Future Cumulative Inning Count.png

Probability through Future Inning Count

This plot describes the probability of major throwing-related injury occurring sometime before a given future inning count. This is helpful in quantifying the probability that a given pitcher will go down with a major injury during a current potential contract period.



Comparative Analytics offers detailed major throwing-related injury projections for comparing up to three pitchers at the same time. Comparative Analytics is useful in determining the future comparative value of several potential assets

Comparative Analysis.png

Compare Multiple Pitchers

When making decisions on multiple pitchers, the DVS Forecaster allows you to select up to 3 pitchers in the same table to quickly assess comparative analytics.

Comparative Analytics Visual for Website.png

Comparison Between Pitchers at Future Inning

When comparing up to three pitchers, a graph will automatically populate the statistical probabilities for each pitcher. This plot compares the major injury risk of three pitchers at each of their future innings pitched.



The improvement in a pitcher’s mechanical efficiency, as measured by the DVS Score, can have significant impact on their risk of major injury. The DVS Score Improvement slider allows an organization to see the estimated change in the set of major injury projections if a pitcher’s DVS Score were to improve by a given amount.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.11.09 AM.png

Improvement in DVS Score

What would happen to a pitcher’s probability of injury if they were to improve the aspect of their pitching delivery (DVS Score)? The built-in toggle slider allows an organization to visually see the changes as a pitcher’s DVS Score improves.