The DVS Arm Care System improves your body's ability to tolerate the forces associated with throwing a baseball by making the muscles of your spine, shoulder, and arm contract better. It does this by incorporating extremely specific exercises with varying amounts and directions of force through specific joint positions that allow you to fully recruit and strengthen ALL your muscle fibers.


Improve Your Muscles Based on what They Are fundamentally Designed to Do

Each colored line represents a muscle (or different divisions of a muscle), with the ends of each l  ine representing the muscle's two   attachment points  .  If you improve the ability of a muscle to shorten between these two points, then the better it will shorten regardless of where your body is in space.

Each colored line represents a muscle (or different divisions of a muscle), with the ends of each line representing the muscle's two attachment points.  If you improve the ability of a muscle to shorten between these two points, then the better it will shorten regardless of where your body is in space.

Muscles and their associated fibers are fundamentally designed to do one thing: Generate Tension.  They do this as a product of muscle fibers contracting and shortening.  Within each fiber, there are countless little proteins that work to latch on and pull towards one another.  This is the root of how muscles develop force.  Even when a muscle is lengthening or decelerating, muscle fibers are still regulating this through processes associated with shortening.  So, in this sense, you can almost think of it as the better a muscle is able to shorten, the better it will be able to do its job in all planes of motion.  And as you've hopefully been reading, the better a muscle is able to do its job relative to what you are asking of it, the more efficient the outcome.  Therefore, whether you realize it or not, improving a muscle's ability to contract and shorten is the desired outcome of any exercise.  It is through this process that a muscle can actually grow, get stronger, and become more functional relative to what you'll be asking of it.  On the contrary, if this shortening response doesn't occur for any number of reasons, the intended muscle fibers won't reap the same benefits.  


Better Recruit, so You Can Better Shorten

In order for a muscle fiber, or group of fibers, to contract and shorten, they first have to be recruited by your neuromuscular system.  Unfortunately, this isn't nearly as automatic as it sounds, and most people just assume that it's going to happen.  The muscle fibers that are recruited in response to a specific exercise depends on a multitude of factors such as direction of resistance, amount of resistance, how much stress those fibers can currently handle, and the length of a muscle when it undergoes peak tension.  Needless to say, there are a ton of factors that need to be accounted for, and if not, the body has countless other options to compensate with.  However, in order for a muscle to contract optimally and keep your system functioning at a high level, ALL of its muscle fibers must be up to the task at hand....not just some of them.


Enter the dvs arm care system

The DVS Arm Care System gives you a better opportunity to recruit and strengthen ALL your muscle fibers by providing the necessary specificity.  This specificity allows you to place greater emphasis on certain muscles, or different divisions of the same muscle, while deemphasizing others.  Without this component, you just end up recruiting and strengthening the same muscle fibers over and over.  This is especially true if you have a lot of lower-threshold fibers that have been subjected to excess stress and overuse (once again, all too common with throwing a baseball).  The body will simply work around them, resulting in the strong getting stronger, and the weak getting weaker.  This may not be a huge deal if overall demand on the body is low, but the stressful nature of throwing a baseball requires your muscular system to be functioning at an extremely high level in order to keep wear-and-tear at a minimum.



The DVS Arm Care System operates and achieves results by adhering to the equation listed above.  Having an arm care program with exercises that allow your neuromuscular system to be creative and explore different recruitment options is key to fully strengthen the muscles of your throwing arm. 

Mechanical Specificity:

Mechanical Specificity relates to the positioning of your body and arm(s) relative to the resistance being applied. This includes joint positioning as well, which correlates with the length of a muscle when resistance is applied.  These factors will ultimately allow you to place greater emphasis on the ENTIRE muscle by specifically aligning various muscle fibers so they have the highest chance of being recruited and strengthened.  Your body likes to work off a principle known as mechanical advantage, so it's always a good idea to use this to your benefit anytime you get a chance.  Below is an example of how the position of your arm actually determines which parts (divisions) of your external rotator cuff (Infraspinatus & Teres Minor) are emphasized during one of our shoulder external rotation exercises.     


Intensity Variability:

Put simply, this concept relates to how hard you are working within a given exercise.  As muscle fibers in your body have different roles and capabilities, as do their abilities to tolerate force.  In light of this, it's important to scale the amount of resistance so you not only provide enough stimulus for the larger fibers to grow and get stronger (Extrafusal Fibers), but you also are focusing on the lower-threshold, Type-1 fibers more synonymous with your Sensory System by lightening the load.  This light resistance is also important for muscle fibers that have been subjected to damage and overuse, so that they can be brought back up to speed and not left behind.  


tying it all Together

Strength is the root.  If a muscle has good strength characteristics relative to the task at hand, then we can say that it has high Tolerability to stress.  When a muscle is tolerating stress well, it has a much better opportunity to do what it's supposed to do, when it's supposed to do it.  This is known as Functionality, and it is absolutely essential for Contractile Efficiency, which is how efficiently the neuromuscular system is working in response to a given task.  In the end, this is going to be your main driver of Health and Performance.  However, in order to give yourself a better chance to strengthen ALL of your muscle(s) and keep Functionality high, you need to be extremely specific with what you are doing, and how you are going about doing it.  This is the opportunity that the DVS Arm Care System provides.