Every pitcher has a "true value" based on how much of their contract obligations they are able to fulfill.  Unfortunately, due to the high frequency of throwing related injuries, a pitcher's monetary value based on the parameters of their contract, and their "true value," often are at odds.  This leads to millions of dollars lost by MLB organizations annually, not to mention the win/loss, playoff, and World Series implications that result from teams being shorted on their primary investments.  On the contrary, what if there was a way to close this "value" gap, thus minimizing the window of error when assessing the value of either a current or future pitcher? 

Although there are multiple factors that ultimately play a role in whether a pitcher suffers a throwing related injury, there is little argument that a pitcher's mechanical efficiency (i.e. pitching delivery efficiency) when throwing a baseball is one of the more influential variables.  And yet, this is one of the largest areas of uncertainty and subjectivity when it comes to assessing a pitcher's injury risk. 

Through the DVS Model, we have created a process that gives organizations a way to objectively quantify the efficiency within a pitcher's delivery, and thus give insight into their overall injury risk.  Our model has been statistically validated through research, and was proven relevant in determining the injury risk associated with any pitcher's delivery.  For further information on how the model can be used and applied for predicting injury risk, click here.  The scenarios listed below outline a few of the many options in which a MLB organization can utilize our consultation services:

  • A high school or college pitcher entering their draft year
  • MiLB advance scouting and trades
  • MLB contract advice, both on length of time and total value
  • Likelihood of a player's injury at a specific number of innings
  • Free Agent comparison 
  • Rule 5 player analysis
  • Trades at all levels of baseball
  • Full Organization Risk Profile


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