FEATURED articles

The articles below not only touch on valuable topics but document the progression of information that has led to the creation and evolution the Phase Development Program. 



A Great Pitcher Needs One "HEEL" Of A Landing

Great article that directly relates to the Transfer Phase. Throughout this article, I will show you examples of landing both on the heel and the ball of the foot. Provide examples of other sports where athletes use the heel to create energy and stability and breakdown the advantages to a thrower and coaches by landing on the heel of the foot.

-Written by Justin Orenduff on February 3rd, 2015


The Birth of Modern Pitching Mechanics: Tom House and Nolan Ryan

The birth of the modern delivery dates back to the late 80’s/ early 90’s and can be attributed to the relationship between Tom House and Nolan Ryan.  Here’s the story of how the most common pitching delivery seen in baseball today, and how it manifested into its current form.

-Written by Justin Orenduff on January 1st, 2014


Want To Throw Harder? Use Leverage For Instant Velocity Gains

This article paved the way for what is known now as Acceleration Phase 1.  Initial concepts of "creating a wave of energy" and "the stretch effect" are introduced as a way for a pitcher to start understanding how leverage works to throw a baseball harder.  

-Written by Justin Orenduff on April 24th 2013


Learn How To Slide Step And Maintain Power

How can a pitcher be quick to the plate but maintain the power in his pitching delivery? This article provides step by step instructions of how to properly execute the "slide step".

-Written by Justin Orenduff on March 20th, 2014


What Do 94% Of Hall Of Fame Pitchers Have In Common?

94% Hall of Fame Pitchers took their hands over their head in the windup. The numbers are staggering, but paint a very clear picture. The concept of bringing the hands over the head isn’t just for visual purposes, the concept serves a very real purpose that very few coaches, players, or parents understand in the game of baseball today.

-Written by Justin Orenduff on July 2nd, 2014


Did Jose Fernandez Change His Pitching Mechanics?

One of the first initial injury predictions of the now DVS Model. This article generated quite a bit of controversy considering Jose Fernandez was such a healthy, overpowering, and young pitcher at the time.