Every pitcher has a "true value" based on how much of their contract obligations they are able to fulfill.  Unfortunately, due to the high frequency of throwing related injuries, a pitcher's monetary value based on the parameters of their contract, and their "true value," often are at odds.  This leads to millions of dollars lost by MLB organizations annually, not to mention the win/loss, playoff, and World Series implications that result from teams being shorted on their primary investments.  On the contrary, what if there was a way to close this "value" gap, thus minimizing the window of error when assessing the value of either a current or future pitcher? 

The DVS Forecaster gives MLB Organizations the ability to implement the predictive power of the DVS Model into their decision making. The DVS Forecaster is licensable software that allows a team to pick from a list of current MLB pitchers and see their corresponding future injury outputs. 



If you're a player, we have numerous resources that can help you stay healthy while maximizing performance goals.  From the youth player all the way to the professional ranks, DVS has something for you.  


One of the first things we recommend to any player, regardless of age, is to get your pitching delivery checked out.  How do you know if your throwing mechanics are leading you towards an injury by placing excess and unnecessary stress on your throwing arm?  This is something you absolutely need to know, especially considering how much time, effort, and money you either already have, or are about to, put into perfecting your pitching delivery.  As such, every player has the ability to become informed on this matter by getting their DVS Score.   


Once you receive your DVS Score, our in-person or online training services provide you with an opportunity to start building movement patterns that are designed to increase your DVS Score. As your DVS Score increases, you will find your velocity, shoulder health, consistency, and performance in games, also increase.


Our DVS Arm Care System provides you with another great avenue to ensure that your throwing arm is staying functional and healthy.  Over time, the overuse and stress associated with throwing a baseball can start taking its toll.  If not identified, it's this slow accumulation of stress that eventually wears you down, leading to either an injury or decreased performance.  The DVS Arm Care System counteracts this build-up by giving you the means necessary to effectively strengthen the muscles of your arm, shoulder, and spine, and keep your throwing arm performing at a high level. 


How do you know if you're throwing too much?  Too often?  Too frequently?  Too far?  These are questions that you should know, as the health of your arm depends on it.  Not many people realize this, but doing more doesn't necessarily translate to more, especially as it relates to throwing.  Rather, it's all about what you do, when you do it, and how you do it that is the key.   This is why we created the USPBL Throwing Program, a program based upon efficiency, and designed to maximize your performance goals while limiting the amount of excess stress on your arm. 


To better assist your players on their journey through baseball, we have numerous resources that you can take advantage of as a coach.  Your job as a coach, if you think about it, is to give your players every opportunity to succeed based on their genetic capabilities.  Therefore, we help coaches implement the DVS System into their travel, high school, showcase, or collegiate programs.


As our ultimate goal is to promote positive change within the game of baseball, the same as yours, we hope to establish a strong relationship with you and the rest of your colleagues.  This sector of the community, whether it be through research or daily interactions with players, has the potential to create a systemic influence on the current, injurious culture, and provide a better future for the youth. Lets help each other accomplish our shared goal. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Education on efficient throwing mechanics
  • Education on proper pitch counts, throwing regimens, and throwing progressions for both healthy and rehabbing players alike. 
  • Education surrounding the relationship/correlation between DVS Score and injurious ROM Risk Factors.   
  • Education on non-invasive ways to mitigate and negate the injurious ROM patterns that may be present in a player. This would center around the concepts and exercises related to the DVS Arm Care System.
  • Education on the potential mechanisms behind these ROM alterations.  This would include gaining a broader perspective as to why they exist, and thus the best potential treatment response.