heavy bullpen / 100% Effort


Performance Phase 1A allows a pitcher to execute their pitching delivery in a high intensity bullpen situation.  

High-intensity bullpens will always serve as a Performance Day and must NEVER be thrown on back to back days, whereas low- intensity bullpens can be throw much more frequently, and commonly on back to back days.


This phase promotes increased levels of energy and output to prepare a pitcher for game situations. All throws within this phase will be executed at 100% intensity at a pitcher's specific mound distance. The bullpen must be thrown off a mound to ensure proper sequencing and timing of mechanics.  Performance Phase 1A can be used as a Performance Day for a pitcher but only if their Soreness Protocols allow for a Performance Day to occur.

Depending on a pitcher's Throwing SchedulePerformance Phase 1A can serve a variety of roles for the proper development of a pitcher.  Commonly, Performance Phase 1A will be used to work a pitcher's ability to repeat their delivery and develop the accuracy and effectiveness of their pitches at a higher intensity level.  Scenarios for implementation include, but are not limited to:

Build Endurance Prior to the Season

Simulate Game Situations

Mastery of Delivery at Maximal Intensity


In order to get to Performance Phase 1A, a specific progression must be followed to allow the arm and body to warm-up appropriately.  This is outlined in the table below: