As stated previously, within all throwing-based phases, a thrower should work to maintain a minimum of 70% accuracy on all throws. This is also true for Performance Phases 2-4, however, there is a very specific protocol that needs to be followed in order to properly progress to your top distance. 

Performance Phases 2-4 not only force you to be extremely accurate with each throw, but they serve as a great filter for mechanical efficiency within your throwing pattern.  The Efficient Throw is one that is made while tightly adhering to True Ball Flight and The 70% Rule.  Therefore, under NO circumstances should you sacrifice these principles for distance.  Therefore, depending on your throwing mechanics, you may not be able to achieve your top distance.  This is actually for your benefit, as it forces you to make a throw that is inefficient, not game-translatable, and many times places more stress on your throwing arm.  Because of this, learn and implement The Advancement Criteria below.



In order to advance from Performance Phase 2 to Performance Phase 3 and so forth, understand the following: