You can play a viable role in helping us create the next generation of aware, educated, and driven members who share our vision of establishing a healthier and smarter throwing culture. If DVS has helped you on your baseball journey, feel free to provide your feedback below.


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The throwing program has already reaped enormous benefits for his pitching performances. He has always had very good velocity and mechanics, but would often struggle with control. Since adhering to the USPBL Throwing Program schedule, Jacob is at a new level thanks to his ability to consistently throw strikes. It is now time to say goodbye to a 50’ pitching rubber. Thanks to Justin and his program, he is much better prepared for the big field.
— Walter V
After only one month, the DVS System has exposed me to more practical and constructive mechanical adjustments that I can work towards on a daily basis. The isometrics routine has also greatly reduced the fatigue that I feel in my arm in between live outings.
— Donny M
DVS is a great tool to use as a pitcher because it shows you how to be more efficient in your delivery. I’ve made a few adjustments that have helped me be a little more powerful when I throw.
— Randy W
The bands we did with DVS helped me quite a bit with recovery. I started throwing less, throwing about 90-120 feet and worked on stuff and just do my bands. It kept my arm from getting fatigued and just kept me fresh all season.
— Jacob E
I’ve had the privilege to integrate the DVS System into my baseball career curriculum while playing in the USPBL. In just 3 weeks, I have already noticed drastically significant improvements in my arm strength, health, and delivery.
— Kassidy G
I would recommend that more pitchers & position players that want to become a better player, increase throwing velocity, throwing endurance, and throwing efficiency should use the DVS System.
— Jalen M
Since I began using the DVS program I have had nothing but good things to say about it. DVS has helped me drastically to become more of an elite pitcher. I have seen a great increase in the health of my arm, and how my arm recovers after pitching. The DVS system helps you along every step to becoming an elite baseball player from flexibility and conditioning for your body, gaining arm strength, post workout recovery plans, and even learning proper pitching mechanics.
— Evan P
Last year I was 77-78 mph, and over the summer I topped out at 83 mph. Right now, I am consistently throwing my fastball at 85 mph. I still have much room to grow as I have been training on efficient, energy-producing movements for only about 3 months. I am excited as my arm feels healthier, and I am able to maintain a steady growth and training volume, even during season. Delivering a baseball with maximum focus on the integrity of efficient energy build up and release is now my personal method of pitching. I have never felt more confident. Thank you guys for this valuable piece of information and for reducing everything into a simple, understandable, system- that I can use on my journey to the MLB.
— JP Kenyon