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DVS Scoring System

We have compiled years of research and data collection into a single quantifiable number referred to as a DVS Score. The DVS Score of a pitcher objectively evaluates the movements of a pitcher’s delivery to remove any bias towards a specific methodology or style. The movements are broken down into individual components of the pitching delivery, which are examined and measured across multiple angles to calculate accurate scoring.


Statistical Model

To have any validity, the DVS Scoring System must be statistically related to the risk of major pitching-arm injury. This was done using a survival analysis model called a Cox Proportional Hazard Model. The Cox Proportional Hazard model is a widely-accepted and widely-used statistical model for the discovery of relationships between time-to-event data and the variables associated with that data

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DVS Forecaster

The DVS Model helps us see injurious patterns and trends within the game of baseball. The goal is to use the DVS Model to understand not only existing relationships in our data, but to predict future relationships as well. To this end, the DVS Forecaster helps MLB Organizations to predict major pitching-arm injuries in variety ways.