The initial testing methodology used to create the DVS Scoring System has continued to evolve into what we now refer to as The DVS System. We combine our teaching methodology designed to improve a pitcher's mechanics (DVS Score) with our DVS Arm Care System and the USPBL Throwing Program. 

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DVS Score

Does your current pitching delivery make you more or less at risk of injury? Is your pitching delivery allowing you to reach your full performance potential? Before investing too much time and money training a flawed delivery pattern, we encourage you to get your pitching delivery analyzed and get a DVS Score.

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Improve your DVS Score

Once you have received a DVS Score you will want to learn more about the various ways you can go about improving your DVS Score and become more involved in the DVS System. To accommodate our clients, we offer a virtual learning system through our online training program and in-person training through one of our development centers.


DVS Arm Care System

 The DVS Arm Care System is designed to improve the overall functionality within the shoulder by increasing the shoulder's ability to tolerate excess stress. The more stress the shoulder muscles can tolerate, the more functionality the shoulder has to do its job to throw the baseball. 

USPBL Throwing Program

The USPBL Throwing Program provides a framework to ensure every pitcher will effectively train within the constraints of what their body allows, when their body best allows it, therefore facilitating improvements in throwing performance and drastically reducing unnecessary stress on the throwing arm.