Once you have received a DVS Score you will want to learn more about the various ways you can go about improving your DVS Score and become more involved in the DVS System. To accommodate our clients, we offer a virtual learning system through our online consultation program and in-person training through one of our development centers.


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Our online consultation process is proven both enhance your DVS Score and increase your ability to perform in games.  In this one-on-one consultation, we will review the overall movements that are positively or negatively impacting your score, and provide you with a step by step process on how to improve your  pitching delivery through our Phase Development Program.

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Our in-person training allows us to expedite the improvement of your DVS Score by combining individual lessons with group training sessions. Within each session, a client will learn how to combine energy and timing to become a more efficient pitcher, use our Arm Care System to improve and maintain shoulder functionality, and master the repeatability of the pitching delivery off the mound while executing a variety of pitches.