50% Distance / 50-75% effort


To warm-up the arm and body prior to high-intensity throwing, and for pattern improvement conducted at a moderate intensity while the arm and body are still in the recovery process.  


Training Phase 3 will frequently be used as part of a progressive warm-up prior to high-intensity throwing, and can be utilized on recovery days while the arm isn't functioning at full capacity.  The allotted 25 throws within this phase will be conducted at 50-75% effort and will never exceed more than 50% of a thrower's max distance.  Scenarios for implementation include, but are not limited to:

  • Prior to High-Intensity Throwing (game, practice performance day)
  • Recovery Day


In order to get to Training Phase 3, a specific progression must be followed to allow the arm and body to warm-up appropriately.  This is outlined in the table below: