Position skill work / 50-75% Effort


To allow a player to work on their position specific skills while throwing at a lighter intensity. 


Depending on a player's goals and their Throwing Schedule, Training Phase 4B can serve a variety of roles for the proper development of a player looking to enhance their defensive specific skill.  The allotted 25-50 throws within this phase will be conducted at 50-75% effort and will never exceed the distance of player's position specific throw.

The examples listed below are common uses of a player utilizing Training Phase 4B.  Scenarios for implementation include, but are not limited to:

Player Fundamentals

  • Infielders working on quick hands, turning a double play, backhands, etc
  • Outfielders working on a “crow-hop”, throwing to bases/cut off man
  • Catchers working on “pop times” out of a crouch or standing
  • Pitchers fielding practice
  • Cut off and relay throws
  • Bunt defense


In order to get to Training Phase 4B, a specific progression must be followed to allow the arm and body to warm-up appropriately.  This is outlined in the table below: