Introducing the DVS Forecaster: Injury Prediction Software for Major League Baseball

Later this summer, DVS will release an injury prediction tool to help Major League Baseball determine the current and long term risk associated with signing a baseball pitcher. The tool, labeled as the DVS Forecaster, is a web-based software application that will allow MLB Teams to choose a pitcher or groups of pitchers and see the corresponding statistical predictions.

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2016 MLB Draft Follow Up

With six of the top pitchers taken in the first round of the 2016 MLB draft already making injury headlines, we wanted to take a look back at our analysis from that year's draft. In total, nine of the top 50 pitchers according to’s top 100 Draft Prospects for the 2016 Draft have either undergone, or are scheduled to undergo surgery caused by a throwing-related injury. As much of our research has continued to revolve around finding answers and solutions to baseball's current injury epidemic, it's important to continue to shed light on these alarming trends that have seemingly become accepted as normal.

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DVS Study Published In Medical Journal

Baseball pitching imposes significant stress on the upper extremity and can lead to injury. Many studies have attempted to predict injury through pitching mechanics, most of which have used laboratory setups that are often not practical for population-based analysis. Read about how our initial study sought to predict injury risk in professional baseball pitchers using a statistical model based on video analysis evaluating delivery mechanics in a large population.  

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