DVS Awareness Day Results: Utica, Newark, St. Louis

This fall we traveled to three cities to continue to spread the value of getting your DVS Score to youth players. With the help of Brian Berryman, Paul Niggebrugge, and Rick Strickland we were able to successfully co-host DVS Awareness Days in Utica, MI, Newark, DE and St. Louis, MO.  What's a DVS Awareness Day? In the video below, I provide a summation to our players who participated in the St. Louis DVS Awareness Day


In total, we had over forty players register for the events and had a great opportunity to further engage players, parents, and coaches about the current culture surrounding the development of baseball players. 

the results

The graphs below highlight the relative distribution of DVS Scores amongst the entire sample group and DVS Scores by individual group. 


DVS Scores by city


In total, we had 43 players attended the event and received their DVS Score folder in the mail after the conclusion of the event. The average DVS Score of the group was 13.07 with an average age per player of 14 years old. The average DVS Score is slightly higher in comparison to our average youth population (11.9); which is a good sign! 43 players is a relatively small sample size but the data suggests similar patterns amongst all three populations.  We continue to discover higher and lower DVS Scores exist in a majority of our studies with a relative average range between 11 to 13. 

Pitcher seen above received the highest DVS Score across all three DVS Awareness Days.

Pitcher seen above received the highest DVS Score across all three DVS Awareness Days.

One of the goals of each DVS Awareness Day was to build not only awareness in local communities but also provide a local outlet of guidance for each player who attended the event. We will be consulting with both Paul Niggebrugge (Be Your Best Academy, Newark DE) and Rick Strickland (Sandlot Elite, St. Louis MO) on incorporating our development system into their business. Our goal will be to continue to gather valuable data from the local population while giving those players who attended the awareness day the opportunity to improve their DVS Score in their local community.



As an aspiring player looking to get to the next level, take time to understand if all the time and energy you are investing into your training is leading you on the right or wrong path.Capitalize on the opportunity to figure out whether or not your pitching delivery will allow you to throw more innings over the course of your career. No matter how good you currently are or may be, you can't perform on the field if you aren't available to do so. 


I’m a former pitcher in the Kansas City Royals organization and I have been using the DVS System for several weeks now with much success. From improvements in control with all of my pitches, to increased velocity, the system has allowed me to use my body more effectively. The efficiency this system provides allows for better mechanics, thus reducing the amount of stress on my throwing arm and allowing for a faster recovery time. My arm is the best it’s ever been and I believe it’s because of the mechanical adjustments in combination with the DVS Arm Care System. I would recommend it to anybody.
— -Erik K


To be completely honest, a majority of coaches are fearful of the information we can provide them. It may be hard to hear some of your pitchers are at increased levels of injury; particularly if you have coached them for an extended period of time. We only want to be an additional resource to make your players better, not a competitor. We will provide you with the information to possibly prevent an injury before it happens and offer solutions to increase the sustainable performance of your players. 

Whether you are a pitcher looking to get to the next level, a parent looking to make the best decision for your son, or a coach looking to provide additional value to your team, stay tuned in the upcoming months as we will be highlighting and proving real results that showcase the value of getting a player getting their DVS Score. In this year alone, we were responsible for implementing a throwing program in the United Shore Professional Baseball League that saw zero throwing related injuries in over 1200 innings pitched. We helped four pitchers get signed by professional organizations and saw multiple pitchers improve their average fastball over 2 mph in 6 weeks.