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CS #7: The DVS System Proves Valid as Pitcher's Improve Arm Health at the USPBL

In this article, we provide a complete summary of all the data that was collected from over 50 professional pitchers throughout the course of the Inaugural USPBL season. Our hypothesis was that as pitchers spent more time exposed to the DVS Arm Care System, The USPBL Throwing Program, and our pitching methodology that is designed to improve a DVS Score, their Shoulder Range-of-Motion Patterns would become less injurious.

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Range-of-Motion: The Fundamental Truth (Part 2)

As a follow-up to Part 1 of this series, we're going to dive deeper into the truth behind the injurious range-of-motion patterns that arise in baseball players, and determine where they come from. In doing so, we'll document some compelling evidence from research, while referencing a few reputable studies that support our claims. 

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Range-of-Motion: The Fundamental Truth (Part 1)

In this first segment of a three-part series, we will begin to outline the truth behind range-of-motion (ROM) limitations, and the injurious ROM patterns that develop within baseball players. Understand how your neuromuscular system regulates movement within the body, and what it's actually trying to do when you throw a baseball. This will provide you with a greater awareness on what's occurring on the inside, so you can apply the appropriate training solutions on the outside. 

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