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CS #7: The DVS System Proves Valid as Pitcher's Improve Arm Health at the USPBL

In this article, we provide a complete summary of all the data that was collected from over 50 professional pitchers throughout the course of the Inaugural USPBL season. Our hypothesis was that as pitchers spent more time exposed to the DVS Arm Care System, The USPBL Throwing Program, and our pitching methodology that is designed to improve a DVS Score, their Shoulder Range-of-Motion Patterns would become less injurious.

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CS #6: Full Analysis on a D-1 Pitching Staff

DVS provides a glimpse into the pitching culture of college baseball by performing a full analysis on a Division-1 pitching staff. We report our findings related to DVS Scores, shoulder ROM patterns, and injury risk, while illuminating important patterns and trends that every player, parent, and coach should be aware of. 

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CS #5: 2016 USPBL Tryout

In it's inaugural year, the United Shore Professional Baseball League had 76 pitchers travel across the country to tryout for the opportunity to play professional baseball. The DVS Scores and data of all 76 pitchers paint a similar picture on the patterns and trends that continue to surface within the game of baseball.

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