Development Bundle Now Available In Store

We are now offering our clients the ability to get our entire development system for one low price. We have bundled the DVS Score, The Essential DVS Arm Care System and The USPBL Throwing Program together to allow players to have all our tools at their disposal.

If you are unfamiliar about our approach to a player's development, read below and see how the our development system can influence the longevity of your career.


The Development System is our application-based implementation system designed to improve a players performance and health.  It centers around the facilitation of mechanical efficiency, joint health, and proper throwing regimens/guidelines geared towards repeatability and maintaining joint health.


DVS Score + Arm Care System + Throwing Program


DVS Score

A DVS Score is a numerical value that quantifies the relative risk and performance potential associated with any pitcher’s delivery.  This helps the pitcher understand his current level of risk and performance and specifically outlines the areas in his delivery where he can improve the most.  

The Average DVS Score of a professional pitcher is 12.8
— -DVS Model Findings

Arm Care System

The DVS Arm Care System is designed to improve the overall functionality within the shoulder by increasing the shoulder's ability to tolerate excess stress.  The more stress the shoulder muscles can tolerate, the more functionality the shoulder has to do its job to throw the baseball. Every pitcher is instructed and required to use the arm care system before and after they throw. The system primarily focuses on activating the required muscles through isometric techniques prior to throwing.

USPBL Throwing Program

We designed the USPBL Throwing Program to meet the demands and schedule of the pitchers in the 2016 season. The throwing program ensures every pitcher will effectively train within the constraints of what their body allows, when their body best allows it, therefore facilitating improvements in throwing performance and drastically reducing unnecessary stress on the throwing arm.

Every pitcher is initially given custom distances that correspond to factors such as their heigh and current throwing velocity. Depending on their level of soreness, shoulder function and upcoming games, each pitcher is educated on how to properly choose their daily throwing schedule.



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