DVS Study Published In Medical Journal

DVS essentially started the day I woke up from shoulder surgery in 2006. The doctor told me "I don't know whether or not you have 6000, 600, or 6 innings left in your career, but I do know your shoulder injury was a product of years of abuse."

This  quote changed my entire outlook on not only my career but started me on a path to find answers as to why some pitchers get hurt, and others do not. Several years later in conversation with Josh Myers, we officially formulated a study that would hopefully determine if our scoring system could determine if one pitcher was more at risk in comparison to another.

Our study revealed statistical correlations between a pitcher's delivery/mechanics and time to major- throwing injury. With the help of two orthopedic surgeons from Duke, Dr. Grant Garrigues, and Dr. Grant Sutter, our initial study has been accepted into the Orthopedics medical journal.

We are excited for everyone to learn more about our initial study and look forward to continuing to providing the baseball and medical community with future results from the DVS Model.

Initial Study: Predicting Injury in Professional Baseball Pitchers From Delivery Mechanics: A Statistical Model Using Quantitative Video Analysis