The DVS Arm Care System: A Great Supplement to Your Off-Season

As many of you may know, DVS spent the last four-and-a-half months in Michigan working with the United Shore Professional Baseball League to help develop their pitchers. Our goal coming into the season was simple: establish a culture of health, while facilitating improvements in performance and velocity. With over 1200 innings pitched without an injury, average velocity up across the board, and a handful of guys signed to affiliated organizations, it’s safe to say mission accomplished! However, now that the season is over, it’s time to transition into a very important topic that is relevant to each and every player at some point in time during the year: The Off-Season.

A player’s off-season presents a vital time-block in which a player, particularly a pitcher, is given the opportunity to restore and maximize the function of their muscular system. Throughout the course of a season (i.e. any extended period of time where games are occurring on a regular basis), high amounts of stress can accumulate and wreak havoc on not just muscles, but on other tissues within the body as well. As a result, aside from the common aches and pains, players commonly experience reductions in strength and flexibility, while developing side-to-side asymmetries in movements like trunk rotation and side-bend; all of which, by the way, are going to negatively impact health and performance in some capacity.

The big question that every player should ask during an off-season, is “How do I restore deficits, build upon them, and put my body in the best position genetically-possible for next season? 

The fortunate news is that most, if not all, of the previously listed symptoms relate to the muscular system. And as we have the most influence over muscle, and muscle arguably has the largest influence over everything else (especially musculoskeletal-related), many times these deficits can be corrected within weeks or even days. Now for the bad news. The human muscular system is extremely complex, and unless you've spent a large amount of time learning the in’s and the out’s, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able implement a solution that’s valid and produces optimal results. Think about it. How can you possibly manipulate or perform maintenance on a system that you don’t understand? This is a logical example when applied to your car or computer, but the same is true with your body. So how do you bridge this huge gap between the complexities of the body, and what you actually need as a baseball player/pitcher? Enter the DVS Arm Care System

The DVS Arm Care System is a complete, upper-extremity maintenance and enhancement program that was designed specifically with the overhead athlete in-mind. This science-based System, which utilizes in-depth principles of muscle physiology combined with basic physics, provides you with a greater opportunity to recruit and strengthen more of your muscle fibers, thus allowing your body to function at a higher level. Greater function leads to better health, which in turn will give you the ultimate product of higher performance. 

Not only are there aspects of this system that will help restore lost flexibility and symmetry, but the intensive strength and speed-based exercises will give your muscles the ability to contract with greater force and velocity. Full benefits of the System are listed below:

  • Decrease Throwing-Related Injury Risk
  • Improve Muscle Function
  • Improve Joint Control & Segmental Strength (i.e. Stability)
  • Improve Flexibility 
  • Decrease Asymmetries 
  • Improve Muscle Contractile Strength & Speed

As a thrower, your muscular system plays a pivotal role in your health and performance. Although every muscle in your body is just as important as the next, the demands placed on the upper extremity when throwing a baseball make the muscles of the arm, shoulder, and spine particularly important. When these are functioning at a high level, your body will handle the stress from throwing more efficiently, thus allowing it to operate at it's full potential. But what happens when they aren't? Like after a prolonged season in which the day-in and day-out stresses have accumulated, and diminished your muscular system's ability to function at a high level. In order to provide yourself with answers to this question, awareness is always the first step. Without awareness, there's no reason to even ask the question. Once you have awareness, the next step is finding valid and efficient training solutions that meet your needs. Although this is often times easier said than done, especially as it relates to the human body, the DVS Arm Care System provides you with just that. Backed by science, and tested for results, this System was designed to optimize the muscles of the back, shoulder, and arm, so you can stay healthier and perform better. 

With that said, make the most of your off-season, and do your arm a service with the DVS Arm Care System. 


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