The DVS Forecaster Now Available for MLB Organizations

The probability of injury occurring to a MLB Pitcher in future inning totals is now available to MLB Organizations looking to make short and long-term decisions regarding the value of their MLB pitcher. As part of Delivery Value System’s ongoing research to combat the rising injury trends among MLB pitchers within baseball, DVS created the DVS Forecaster, which encapsulates the power of the DVS Model into a web-based software. The DVS Forecaster can be accessed on-demand by any MLB organization and will be made available to MLB Organizations through an annual licensed subscription.

MLB Organizations will have the ability to choose from different licensing packages which include the following features.


  • On Demand: Forecaster can be accessed by phone, tablet, and computer with username and password.

  • Team MLB Pitchers: Includes current active roster pitchers and updates as active roster pitcher changes.

  • All MLB Pitchers: Includes all current MLB pitchers on active roster and updates with each new pitcher added to teams' active roster.

  • Team MiLB Pitchers: Team can request minor league pitchers within their organization.

  • Additional Pitchers: Team can request additional Amateur, International, MiLB, and MLB pitchers of their choosing.

  • Updated Statistical Predictions: All statistical predictions for pitchers within the licensed dataset are updated monthly.


  • Single Player Analytics: Detailed major throwing-related injury projections are available for individual pitchers in Single Player Analytics.  These probabilistic projections are useful in determining the future true value of an individual pitcher when the concern is protecting a current asset or deciding to acquire a new asset.  

  • Comparative Analytics: Comparative Analytics offers detailed major throwing-related injury projections for comparing up to three pitchers at the same time. Comparative Analytics is useful in determining the future comparative value of several potential assets.

  • Improvement Potential: The improvement in a pitcher’s mechanical efficiency, as measured by the DVS Score, can have a significant impact on their risk of major injury. The DVS Score Improvement slider allows an organization to see the estimated change in the set of major injury projections if a pitcher’s DVS Score were to improve by a given amount.



The DVS Forecaster automatically updates and provides a real-time moving statistical predictions for all active pitchers within the DVS Forecaster. “The power of the DVS Forecaster can be seen in its ability to provide an ongoing narrative to the positive and negative trends that surround baseball pitchers. Because we objectively measure the pitching delivery, and with each additional pitcher added to the DVS Forecaster, we can more accurately communicate the potential impact of a throwing injury to an MLB pitcher as the game of baseball evolves.”

A live demo will be made available to any MLB Organization that wishes to learn more about the DVS Forecaster. To read more about the DVS Forecaster, click here.