All DVS Score Folders feature the following items:

Personalized DVS Score Certificate

DVS Score Certificate of Authenticity

We will provide you with an official DVS Score Certificate that will authenticate your score. This can be kept for your records, and can be used to validate the efficiency within your throwing pattern.


DVS Score Report

Your DVS Score Report includes a comprehensive breakdown of your score, including Percentile Rank, Stretch Angle (i.e. Velocity Potential), and our Recommendations for you going forward. 

Velocity Potential Overview.png

Velocity-Potential Overview

How effective are you at using your frame to create velocity? Not only does a DVS Score give you insight into injury risk, but through the DVS Stretch Angle, you can gain valuable information related to your velocity potential. The DVS Stretch Angle essentially measures how well you're using your leverage to generate power into each throw. Lower Angle = More Leverage = Greater Velocity. 


Where do you stack up?

Compare your throwing motion to the current MLB average and to that of your peers. As each DVS Score collected goes into our central database, you can see where you stack up to the current trends in baseball. Not only that, you will gain additional insight into what your Score actually means from a health and injury risk perspective. 


DVS Header Image with no Consultation.png

DVS Delivery Phase Overview

Become more educated on the sequence of movements associated with an efficient throwing motion through the DVS Delivery Phase Overview. A description of each phase will also be provided so you can start relating back to your own delivery. 

DVS Score Band on ball.jpg

Join the Club

Become a member of the club with an official "What's Your Score?" wristband. However not all wristbands are the same. Based on your DVS Score, you could either qualify for the "DVS Platinum Club" or the "DVS Gold Club." This allows you to always identify a fellow elite thrower.